Creating a Better Doo-Rag and Helmet Liner

The Raci-Babi Story

How I got started on the project of creating a simple and effective helmet liner for women with long hair (and then for short hair too).

Motorcycle Riding - Now That Looks Like Fun!

When I first got involved with motorcycle riding I just fell in love with the freedom and excitement of riding! Touring the back roads in and around the Smoky Mountains was more fun than I could have imagined looking out the window of a car. But like so many other things that make time off such an anticipated event, there was a price to be paid.

Aaargh! How Do I Stop the Tangles and Knots in My Hair When I Ride?

I loved riding, but I couldn't stand the tangles and knots!
Every time I got off the bike I’d spend 20 minutes or more fighting to get the tangles out of my hair without doing more damage. Then I’d plunk down in front of the computer looking for the product that would put an end to the struggle that was threatening to drive me away from riding.

Trying the Existing Solutions

I started down the long road of finding a solution. I purchased all kinds of conditioners, de-tanglers, wraps and more. I'd try a solution or product only to find that they just wouldn't work. Some were uncomfortable, some caught my hair in snaps or Velcro and some caused breakage and damage to my hair.
Before long I had a drawer full stuff that wasn't helping my problem at all!
More hours of searching online produced solutions like “Cut Your Hair!” or "Just live with it!". I couldn’t believe there wasn't an answer! Totally frustrated in my search for an easy way to save my hair I began to tackle the problem myself.

I'll Find an Answer to Helmet Hair and Tangles and Knots Myself Then!

Extremely frustrated I started planning how I could solve this problem for myself.
I wanted something comfortable, something that wouldn’t make my head itch and most importantly something that would stop those awful tangles and knots!
Over the next three year! (!!!) I made prototypes and tried them out on rides.
Some did a great job of stopping the tangles and knots, but took forever to put on or take off.
Some went on and off easy but would allow my hair to "sneak" out from under and tangle.
Some materials added too much bulk or caused my head to itch and my hair to flatten.

Eureka! I'm Finally Ready to Ride Before Anyone Else!

After years of what you might call “interesting prototypes” something wonderful happened! While getting ready for ride I found myself ready to ride while my fiancé was still busy getting jacket and gloves on! "Aren't You Ready Yet!" I asked him. Finally I knew I wouldn't be the one holding up the ride again!

At The End Of The Ride There's Not A Single Tangle Or Knot!

At the end of the ride I take my helmet off. I immediately slip off my Diva-Do, shake my hair and out it comes looking just as clean, fresh and full of body as when I started the ride hours earlier. I instinctively grabbed my brush, but when in looked in the mirror on the bike, I couldn't believe it.
My hair was perfect - I didn’t need to do a thing to it!

The Diva-Do Worked So Good I Didn't Even Need a Brush at the End of the Ride Anymore

As I put my brush back in the saddlebag I caught the surprise in my fiancé's eyes. I know this was always one of his pet peeves when we'd ride. Like most guys he's ready for something to eat when he pulls into a restaurant parking lot at the end of a ride. Before the Diva-Do I'd have to spend 10 minutes or more before I felt comfortable being seen in public and now I was ready to go in before he had his keys out of the bike!
To this day I still get a real kick out of the looks I get at the end of a ride. Getting off the bike and having perfect hair is honestly a pretty big ego boost. My "Raci-Babi Girls" all tell me how much they love let there hair down when they pull off their helmet!

The Story Had a Happy Ending - But That Wasn't The End Quite Yet!

I'd solved my problem with tangles and knots when I was riding the motorcycle. It seemed to have taken forever to make it so easy and effective but now I could really enjoy riding and touring!
Shortly after my "Eureka" ride we headed up to the Smokies for one of our prized motorcycle vacations. Almost a full week of riding some of America's finest motorcycle roads!
On our umpteenth pilgrimage to the Tail of the Dragon we stopped at "The Overlook". We'd relax, have a quick snack, enjoy the scenery and maybe some conversation with some fellow riders. I got off the bike, pulled my helmet off then slid off my Diva-Do and shook my hair out.
Across they parking lot I saw a girl stop her bike and walk decisively our way. I wasn't sure if we had cut her off or made some faux pas as she walked briskly towards us.
Then from across the parking lot I could hear yelling "Where did you get that?". Startled, I initially figured she thought I'd stolen it so I meekly responded "Well, I made it."
Without hesitation she exclaimed "Well I Want One!"

The Idea for Raci-Babi is Born!

Several more times on that trip at overlooks, restaurants and campgrounds throughout the area I found women just loved what I had created. The idea to combine motorcycling with my passion for business (I'd owned my own businesses for years before) was more than I could resist. Not long after that I started the long process of patents and trademarks and started Raci-Babi LLC.

The Raci-Babi Girls

As soon as we started selling the Raci-Babi Diva-Do I found that I'd created something that women motorcyclists just loved. The Raci-Babi girls have shared their ideas for other uses such snowmobiles, bicycling, snow skiing and even water sports like snorkeling and jet-skiing. Input from girls across the country has allowed us to improve and perfect the Diva-Do on an ongoing basis.

Continuous Improvement

As the Diva-Do built momentum major there were continuous improvements including the introduction of new "active wear" wicking materials with superior stretch, comfort and adjustability. The original satin-like charmeuse Diva-Do's still have a strong following, however the newer materials offer superior comfort, fit and protection for your hair. Their ability to wick moisture but not absorb essential hair oils virtually eliminates flattening and matting, banishing "helmet hair" for good!

The Diva-Do Inspires the WickIt! - A Helmet Liner for Shorter Hair

We'd have never guessed how much trouble we'd get into with the people who couldn't use the Diva-Do because their hair was too short!
At rallies and shows across the country women with long hair who had purchased Diva-Do's would bring us friends, family and fellow riders who were amazed at how well the Diva-Do helped them with helmet hair, tangles and knots. We started to get jokingly accused of discriminating against people (women AND men) with short hair!
It became quickly apparent that girls with long hair weren't the only ones who didn't like helmet hair.
After over a year of development we introduced the WickIt! Helmet Liner for shorter. All the work and extensive testing paid off as the WickIt! has quickly become the preferred helmet liner with all riders from Saturday night cruisers to long distance "Iron Butt" riders.

More New Products to Come

At rallies and Shows across the country we are constantly talking to our customers and looking ideas for new products to make your motor sports and outdoor adventures more fun. We are always ready to hear from you about the things you need to make your adventures more enjoyable.

Hi, I'm Anna!

Raci-Babi is all about making something you enjoy a lot easier and fun to do!

Over the last several years I've had the chance to travel around the country introducing my Diva-Do and other products to motor sports enthusiasts around the country. To all the wonderful people I've met I'd like to say Thank You. Your incredibly positive response has been deeply rewarding (and sometimes a little overwhelming).

Input from thousands of customers and potential customers both online and at shows has helped us improve and create new products. Raci-Babi grows and is more fun and rewarding every day.
If you have a Raci-Babi Diva-Do or WickIt! story you'd like to share please let me know. I'm always looking new ways others can enjoy how much more fun it is doing something when you can look good too!

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